How to get a Google Maps API key

By Chris Tattum / March 12, 2018

Since 2016, Google have made it mandatory to use an API key on websites displaying Google Maps. Here’s how you can get yours.

Step 1: Sign into your Google account

You’ll need to be signed into a Google or Gmail account before you can do this. If you don’t already have a Google or Gmail account, you can create one on the following page:-

Step 2: Get your Google Maps API Key

Once you’re logged into your Google account, you’re now ready to get your Google Maps API Key.

First, go to the following page:-

Then click the blue “Get a Key” button as shown in the screenshot below:-

Select the Create a new project option from the menu, give it a name e.g. “Website API Key”, then press NEXT.

After a few seconds, your API Key will be displayed as shown below. This may take a few minutes.

Copy and paste the key somewhere safe, then press DONE.

You can then add your API key to your website configuration, which your web developer can help with.

Alternatively, feel free to send us a message.

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