How to make your website easy to maintain

By Chris Tattum / March 20, 2019

Use a platform that’s easy to update

If you’re not sure how to update your website, ask your web developer to show you how. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, sign up to a care plan and have it taken care for you. Either way, make sure it’s done!

If you’re using WordPress, it’s easy to do in the “admin” area.

Use the right plugins for an efficient website

Most website platforms, WordPress in particular, have a library of “plugins” available that add additional functionality to a website. These include essential features such as contact forms, social sharing buttons, SEO.

This modular approach makes sense since it means you only need to include plugins when your website actually needs the functionality. This keeps your website lean and running efficiently.

There are currently about 50,000 plugins available for WordPress, and knowing which ones to use comes only from experience.

A good web developer or agency will always pick high quality plugins and know which ones to avoid.

Avoid unnecessary or poor quality plugins

Unfortunately, some websites are built using poor quality plugins that weren’t properly audited and have been abandoned by their original author.

Sometimes additional plugins are installed to support the vast amount of options required by a “premium” theme, even when there’s no need for them on your site. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the admin area when trying to update your website, you know how bad this can be.

Ask your web developer to check your plugins, make sure they’re up to date and are still developed and supported.

Get a website audit

If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, we recommend getting it audited. As well as finding out if it needs updating, it will check all that all plugins are actually necessary and of sufficient quality.

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