Is your website driving people away?

By Chris Tattum / February 17, 2016

It’s vital that a business website creates a good first impression.

In just 3 seconds, a visitor will have made a judgement about a business from its website. Like a shop window, who would choose the run-down uncared for store, over the well looked after and presented one next door?

A surprising number of websites are still not even mobile friendly. If a visitor cannot actually view a website properly on their phone, how long before they go elsewhere? It gets worse. We wrote last year about how Google are now penalising mobile unfriendly websites. (The article contains a link to a free on-line tool which Google have provided to check this.)

The irony is that web pages are by default mobile friendly! The way a website is initially written, assumes nothing about the size of the screen. It’s only when we start getting creative, such as positioning elements over to one side of the screen where things break down on smaller devices. It’s just that now we can tell browsers that these positions should only apply on larger screens.

We solve all these issues for our clients by designing websites for mobile devices first, often called “mobile first” design. This means first assuming a vertical display to suit the small screen sizes. We then build on that and make use of the extra space on desktop and laptop displays. This approach especially makes sense now that mobile devices are the most commonly used to view websites.

Perhaps you’re not happy with your own website, or worry that it’s not mobile friendly. Use the free Google mobile-friendly test, if you’re not sure.

If you’d like any further advice, then feel free to contact us.

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