Website Project

Client: Select Sports Ltd

About the Client

Select Sports Ltd is a specialist children’s sports provision company based in Bedfordshire.


The client needed a website to promote their main services, after school clubs, birthday parties and holiday camps. Key requirements included:-

  • Schools and parents must be able to find information on after school clubs and make enquiries.
  • Include enquiry forms capturing details specific to parents and schools.
  • Parents can enquire about birthday parties using specially designed form.
  • Parents can easily book their children into holiday camps, and pay online.
  • Display testimonials from both schools and parents.
  • Clearly display upcoming camps and dates on the home page.
  • Easily add new holiday camps as the business grows.
  • Booking system and and all enquiry forms must be fully GDPR compliant.


All objectives were achieved as follows:-

  • Rebuilt site so content can be targeted to both parents and schools.
  • Added specially designed content templates so client can easily add new courses and camps.
  • Upcoming courses automatically displayed on the home page according to the dates added by the client.
  • Added categorised testimonial content types, to display testimonials from both schools and parents where best appropriate.
  • Added form allowing parents and schools to upload testimonials directly to the website. These can then be reviewed and approved by the client before they are published to the site.
  • Added easy to update team members and bios.
  • Added news section, showing recent updates on the home page.
  • Added photo galleries for the holiday camps and after school clubs.
  • Included GDPR compliant contact forms, fully integrated with the standard WordPress privacy features.

Booking System

A full featured and easy to use booking system was integrated into the website. This allowed the client to:-

  • Clearly display all holiday camps and locations including a map.
  • Offer a variety of ticket options, including discounts for siblings.
  • Include easy to use back-end to view and manage attendees for each camp.
  • Integrate with PayPal for easy online payments.