Pechrian Digital is a web design and software development company. We help businesses grow through the effective use of high quality websites and apps.

Why us?

We’re good listeners. When we sit down with our clients to discuss requirements, we listen. We understand the big picture, from the high level business goals, right down to the software code used to achieve them.

We pride ourselves in having an attention to quality and detail you simply won’t find anywhere else. We have deep knowledge of the technology and software used to construct websites and apps, and we combine this with strong visual design skills.

We have a passion for learning. Since technology changes so quickly, it’s important that we take advantage of what it has to offer. We keep up to date on the technology behind websites and apps, which means that you do too.

We love small businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. They are very creative and passionate about what they do. These businesses deserve better, as far too many have poor quality websites which create a bad first impression, and even drive people away.

Pechrian Digital cares about your business and wants it to grow. We don’t want you worrying about where your leads are coming from. We want your customers to get the best service, so we provide the tools to help you.

Why WordPress?

The reason we use WordPress for most websites we build, is because in our experience, it combines flexibility and ease of use.

WordPress is designed with the end user in mind, to make it easy for you to add and edit your content, while at the same time giving us, the developers, the flexibility to add the features you need.

There’s no point in having an all powerful system if it’s too hard to use and keep up to date. And there’s no benefit to having a simplified system, if it can’t adapt as your business grows. And because WordPress is so popular – as of 2019 it powers one third of all websites on the internet – it’s always going to be easy to find someone to help you.

Why not WordPress?

Sometimes WordPress isn’t the right solution however. Depending on your requirements we may suggest another CMS altogether such as Statamic or Craft, or even a static site.