Mobile Apps

Do you need an app?

More and more, people are using their smartphones for everything.

Whether making purchases or just consuming information, they’re no longer using a desktop or laptop. Sometimes this is through a mobile friendly website, and that’s certainly something we can help with.

But sometimes you need the extra functionality and interactivity that an only a proper app can provide.

Apps vs Websites

Sometimes a website just isn’t enough. Perhaps you need to make use of the smartphone’s GPS or camera. Or you want to be visible on the App Store, giving your business more exposure than your competitors.

This is where having a mobile app is a good idea. Having your business logo permanently visible on your customer’s home screen reminds them that you exist when they next need your products or services. It’s about integrating in their everyday life.

Website Integration

Most solutions require a website and app to work together. For example, the website may store the main database of customers or products. Or it may provide some of the “brains” of the system, which the app calls upon when needed.